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27 October, 2015
Holly Spring


Our Te Atatu, Our PeopleEarly August, the call went out to our entire neighbourhood to put on a community driven festival. Planning meetings were put in place so I headed down to the community hall to find out what it was all about...

Community Meeting
This became the start of the the 'Pop the Top Spring Festival' and for me, the start of 'Our Te Atatu – Our People'. A photography exhibition showcasing our wonderful people who live in Te Atatu Peninsula, sharing their stories and what they love about living here.

As the idea grew, more and more families came onboard. It seemed quite important to seek out pockets of people in our neighbourhood and find their stories. Like the T.A.L.K group above, Te Atatu Ladies Klub, who've gathered together for decades and have seen Te Atatu Peninsula evolve from farmland into what it is today. 

Brendan and CheyenneCapturing moments becomes even more significant. These photos are a reminder of what we have right now, because it could be gone tomorrow. Sadly, Brendans dog Cheyenne passed away before the exhibition.

By talking to residents and families, they have told me about other people in the community who had interesting stories to share such as June Mariu below, who was a netball captain of the Silver Ferns in 1960.

June Mariu, ex Silver FernAnd these two characters Barry and Malcolm who are often seen out and about on the Peninsula.

One thing that has drawn many families to Te Atatu Peninsula is the variety of education and sports and recreational activites so close by. So I was not surprised to be greeted by so many smiling and cheeky faces.

The 'Pop the Top Spring Festival' has been an amazing two month collaboration, and I'm very glad to have been part of it. Despite my absence for a lot of it, (due to household illnesses), it all came together, and Our Te Atatu – Our People the Exhibition was a success! Thankyou to GM Legal, Ray White, Barfoot & Thompson, The Mortgage Supply Co, Peninsula Arts Inc., Holly Vaihu, Heidi Hughes and the steering group, Sean Dick, Missy Flemming, my family for supporting me, the people who I photographed, and everyone who has made time to visit the exhibition.

"Our Te Atatu, Our People" will be an ongoing photography project.  To keep up with the latest news, follow the project page on Facebook

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