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15 April, 2015
Holly Spring


Over the last couple of years, I have found and developed my whimsical style, but every time I thought "yes this is me" I would change my branding to suit. When I asked myself what I represented... I knew it was 'Whimsical Art with Heart'. It's so much easier to settle on your style when you understand what it is that defines you. For me, my daughter defines who I am as a photographer. Capturing whimsy, effortless joy, imagination and love in one image. I needed my products and branding to reflect my mission statement. Natural wood and pastel tones bring out the whimsy and encapsulate the nature I bring into every photo. I match this with prints on Fine Art paper, Albums in Japanese silks covers and USB's in a lovely rich contrasting wood. 

Why USB? 

Personally, I love prints. I love seeing walls adorned with beautiful large Fine Art. There is a sense of pride in seeing work on display. But you know what? We don't stand still long enough in one place. Things happen. Life happens. Have your beautiful wall prints, but don't neglect your backup storage of images. It's portable and easy to take with you in an emergency. They're great for when you need to whip down to your local lab and print something for your grandma to keep beside her bed while she is recovering in hospital. It's there in your pocket when the unimaginable happens and you have to leave your treasured possesions behind in a hurry. Be prepared for what life has to throw at you. 

USB Memory Direct knew exactly what I wanted in custom USB drives and they delivered. Now I can stand still in this fast moving digital age knowing that the technology behind my clients image storage is sound, so they can enjoy their wall prints without worrying about the future. 

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